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Lisa's Boudoir Session - With Jaemie Hillbish Photography

Here is what Lisa had to say about her luxury boudoir experience with Jaemie Hillbish Photography:

"Ladies, Let me tell you what! I just had my reveal with Jaemie and WOW! If you have been on the fence about a boudoir shoot-- this is your sign to do it!

I'm a mom of four (with the stretch marks, saggy boobs & pooch to prove it!!), a solid 30lbs heavier than my usual, and was worried if enough photos would even turn out to be able to buy a package.

Thanks to Jaemie's artistic eye for all things photography (posing, lighting, wardrobe adjustments, editing etc!), along with Nicole's talent for hair & makeup, not only did I LOVE enough images for a package, but also added on 10 extra when I couldn't narrow them down.

I answered the model call post hoping to be picked, so I could gift the images to my husband for our 14th wedding anniversary. Little did I know what a confidence boost I'd get out of the experience. Thank you SO much Jaemie & Nicole!

Everyday to Slay!!

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